Our very heartfelt way to say THANK YOU to Police Officers, Firefighters, Emergency Medical Staff, Military Personnel + their family members & friends!

In an afternoon filled with smiles, great food, raffle prizes, and bouncy music, and even a hula hoop contest, our certified massage therapists were busy working their magic on fire fighters, police officers, and EMT’s (who looked relaxed and happy after their massage), while the talented & charismatic Venita Perkins lead a group in a Zumba workout (everyone agreed it was serious work – but a lot of fun!).



Fire Department, Police Department and EMTs join in a hula hoop competition!!

Proud to be a Preferred Partner of RWJBarnabas Health for Post-Acute Care Services!

Together with RWJBarnabas Health, we are poised to make a unique impact in the community, especially in quality care, low readmissions, patient satisfaction, and successful outcomes.

This designation as a Preferred Partner reflects our understanding of the growing and evolving needs of residents in New Jersey – especially in terms of care transitions and enhancing the coordination for treating complex health conditions.



Hiring Now a dynamic Dietary Supervisor who thrives on flavors and spices and would love to provide food that strengthens the body and nourishes the soul of our multicultural Residents & Patients. image001

Harnessing The Power of Social-Emotional Support at Sinai Post-Acute Nursing & Rehab Center

The moment of admission to Sinai Post-Acute Nursing & Rehab Center is a turning point for every patient, and the Social Workers at Sinai Center certainly know how to harness this crucial transition to propel the patients through the next stage: the challenging days of rehabilitation.

Indeed, even if no longer at the hospital and with the intensive-care days behind them, the rehabilitation journey ahead can seem daunting to the newly admitted rehab patients, as they will need to summon both physical strength and a bounty of emotional support to reach the next coveted plateau: the eagerly anticipated discharge to return home.

Enter Dana Mark, MSW, Director of Social Services at Sinai Center and her team of compassionate social workers who understand that “having a generous dose of emotional support and tools for stress management are key factors when in rehab”.

Certainly, current research indicates that effective social-emotional support can be a key factor when striving for positive rehab outcomes, pointing that as valuable as the rehabilitation process itself is, ultimately, it is the intense daily work of sustaining the patients in social-emotional wellbeing what allows them to reap the most benefit from the entire rehabilitation journey.

Starting with the Initial Assessment at the time of Admission, conducting family meetings to apprise the patients’ loved-ones of the rehab road ahead, the quarterly meetings to asses how the patients’ needs have evolved, planning a timely discharge, and even accessing resources for post-discharge services like outpatient services and home care, the Social Services Team at Sinai operates with a keen focus: To provide the social-emotional support needed for the patients to attain their highest possible level of rehabilitation so they can safely and confidently resume daily life. “Throughout the various phases of the rehab process” says Mark, “our role at Sinai Center remains consistent/stable: We function as the staff members who provide support, the one who research and access resources, provide education, tools for our patients to cope and, when necessary, act as a referral for further services”.

As the eagerly awaited time of discharge approaches, the Social Services Team works with the patients and their families to plan for the discharge by assessing the patients post-rehab needs – whether the need is for referral to a community agency or purely additional information and tips from a team “in the know”, compassionate and effective individuals who have been through similar scenarios before – and know just where to turn to access resources. For more information about Sinai Center please contact Vivian Toro at (973) 483- 6800 extension 103.

A Heartfelt Celebration Of Women’s History Month At Sinai Center!

Gathering to celebrate with a series of outstanding performances, we were all inspired both by the women in History – and the amazing women at Sinai Center!

Pictured below: Patients and Residents at Sinai Center portray women who made a difference in history in honor of Women’s History Month. The affair, entitled “Who Am I” was portrayed via dialogues read by each client. Ms. Eva Archer, was Helen Keller, Sarah Smith, was Hilary Clinton, Joan Bell, was Mother Theresa, Tashauna Bowden, performed her own poetry, and Jessie Meyers, completed the dialogues with Michelle Obama. Once each patient finished her reading, the audience got an opportunity to guess who they were. The interactive program ended with a thunderous applause. Ms. Gail Chatman, Activity staff, hosted the event.


Meet The Talented Ms. Tashaunda Bowden

A patient in our subacute unit, Ms. Bowden shared how being able to paint is very therapeutic for her.

The painting shown below, portrays how she feels she looked when she first arrived at Sinai Center and how she sees herself when dressed up – AND FEELING BETTER!

Ms. Bowden is still painting and sharing her talent!


Introducing Michael Neiman, LNHA New Executive Director & Administrator at Sinai Post-Acute Nursing & Rehab Center in Essex County

January 18, 2017. Step into Sinai Post-Acute, Nursing & Rehab Center these days and you will find residents and staff alike excitedly sharing the news: This premier provider of subacute and skilled nursing has a new Executive Director and Administrator – Michael Neiman, LNHA.

A natural leader, Michael Neiman is a seasoned administrator with 20 years of experience and a keen understanding of compliance.

He is known for his ability to create an environment where patients’ needs are not only met but surpassed, where residents enjoy life, where staff members thrive – and everyone is an integral part of the team. Michael knows each resident by name, and recognizes each staff member for the specialized knowledge and skills they contribute to Sinai.

“From day one”, says Dr. H. Patel, Medical Director at Sinai Center, “we have seen him connect with patients, residents and team members”. And he certainly understands the great value of having an impressive team of professionals on staff: specialists in Cardiac Care, Diabetes Management, Amputee Rehabilitation and Wound Care, and ELEVEN FULL-TIME THERAPISTS on task with daily/weekly/monthly goals for each patient and resident, intent on not cutting corners when it comes to patient care.

A big believer in the important role that culture plays when working towards rehabilitation and sustaining wellbeing, Neiman is certain to further develop Sinai Center’s renowned spheres of specialized excellence and multicultural programs. Indeed, you can find Michael Neiman making rounds throughout the day in each one of the seven floors of this state-of-the-art 430-bed facility, making sure each resident’s clinical, cultural, and personal needs are tended to – and each staff member has everything needed to provide the exceptional clinical care the has earned Sinai Center its remarkable reputation.

For more information about Sinai Center please contact Vivian Toro at (973) 483- 6800 extension 103.


Sinai Center’s New Indian Program Offers A Taste Of Home To Indian Subacute & Long Term Care Patients

New Jersey. November 29, 2016. Sinai Post-Acute, Nursing and Rehab Center, Essex County’s foremost provider of Subacute and Skilled Nursing Care, is proud to introduce its New Indian Program providing high caliber clinical care in a warm, family-oriented environment that caters to the unique needs of the Indian community.

Dipti Patel, Indian Program Director at Sinai Center Successfully creating a cultural setting where Indian patients feel at home. Our program features a dedicated Temple, Indian cuisine, music, entertainment, and Indian Recreational Staff.

Furthermore, with the eminent Dr. Jayeshkumar S. Patel serving as the program’s Medical Director, Sinai Center has tapped into a powerful resource: Dedicated professionals who can understand the key factors to successful rehab outcomes and sustained wellbeing – those elements in the environment that can affect the mood of a patient, motivate them throughout the rehabilitation process and, sometimes, determine their overall attitude towards aging.

“When a loved one is in need of subacute rehabilitation or skilled nursing care, it is important to choose an environment where their culture and values are respected” says Dipti Patel, Program Director of Sinai Center’s Indian Program, ”from being able to enjoy the ethnic food they love, recreational activities tailored to their interests to, perhaps most importantly, being able to communicate with staff and peers in their own language”.

In close proximity to some of New Jersey’s finest medical centers, physicians choose Sinai Center’s post-surgical and rehabilitative program for their patients, cognizant of the facility’s outstanding clinical care and positive patient outcomes in specialties that include Orthopedic Rehab, Cardiac Care, Stroke Recovery, Wound Care, and an Amputee Walking Program. Sinai Center’s expansive campus features a newly renovated 86-bed Short-Term Rehab unit and a 3,000 sq. ft. rehab gym – one of the largest in the area. For more information about Sinai Center’s Indian Program, and to schedule a visit please contact Dipti Patel at 201-483-3637.