Success Stories

Meet Angel Tigre, Subacute Patient

Angel, a 24 year-old construction worker, was working on the third floor of a building on a construction site, when unfortunately he fell off. He suffered serious injury and came to Sinai Center recuperating from a broken pelvis, a ruptured bladder and a fractured coccyx bone, and was unable to walk.

After 4 months of intense Physical and Occupational Therapy at Sinai, Angel was successfully discharged home.

“Ambulating on my own with assistance of a rollator, my broken and fractured bones have now healed and with strong will and determination, I am closer to returning to my old self!”

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Meet Edgar Martinez, Subacute Patient

Edgar was admitted to Sinai Post-Acute, Nursing & Rehab Center from JFK Medical Center to complete a course of IV antibiotics due to a major infection, and for subacute rehabilitation due to hip pain. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Edgar was placed in Sinai’s Hispanic Unit where he felt very comfortable.

Having completed his treatment at Sinai, Edgar is happy to return home – and to his wife!

“Rehab at Sinai Center was a good experience. All the Nurses and CNAs were wonderful and treated me very well. I especially enjoyed working with my Nurse, Mr. Washington who came in with a smile each time to hook me up to the IV.”

Mark Warner 2

Mr. Edgar Martinez (r) with his Nurse – Villacres Washington, LPN

Meet Mark Werner, Subacute Patient

Upon admission to Sinai Center from St. Michaels Medical Center, Mark required IV therapy for a major infection and intensive subacute rehabilitation following amputation of 5 toes. Used to being on his feet all day while working for a courier service in NY, Mark was worried and depressed – afraid he would never be able to work again.

At a follow up visit with his surgeon 3 weeks later, the physician was amazed at Mark’s significant progress.

“From day one the nursing staff were so nice to me, and made me feel very comfortable at Sinai. My physical therapist reassured me that I would be able to be on my feet again which helped me deal emotionally with my worries. She was so right, every day I felt myself getting stronger and stronger!

As a side note, the food was delicious here – I even put on a few pounds.

Well… I am going home tomorrow. I contacted my job, and I’m starting to work there again on Monday! All in all I am so thankful to the hospital social worker for recommending Sinai. They really lived up to their reputation!”

Mark Warner 2
Meet Naiem Padgent, Double Amputee Patient

Naiem was admitted from University Hospital to Sinai Center in February of 2014. A double amputee since 2001, he was not coherent at the time of admission, had a severe blood infection, wounds, and his prognosis was bleak.

Within two months at Sinai Center, most of his wounds were healed – and he started gaining weight.

“The Occupational Therapist taught me how to transfer on my own – and I just felt so good about myself. I was very happy at Sinai and felt that even though I am young if I needed a Nursing Home, Sinai is where I would want to be.

In Jan. 2015 I became President of the Resident Council and took my job real seriously, making sure all the residents’ needs were being met. I would go from floor to floor daily, making new friends, meeting with the Administrator and other Department Heads to make sure all issues were being addressed. Another “job” I had here was being the barber for our male residents – and I really enjoyed it!

A few months ago I had a discussion with Latosha, my social worker, about the possibility of me returning back to the community. I knew it was real far-fetched as there were so many obstacles that could prevent that from happening. Well Latosha is a miracle worker and from finding me an apartment to Nursing Care to medications to meals on wheels … the “impossible” is happening: I AM GOING HOME TODAY!!”

Thank You!

Meet Louis Garcia, Post Acute Patient

Luis Garcia was admitted in February 2017 to Sinai Center after surgery on his 3rd, 4th, and 5th vertebra at Overlook Medical Center. He was completely paralyzed from his waist up, couldn’t lift his arms and had no movement on his fingers. The specialized Therapy Team at Sinai provided state-of-the-art therapies to increase his finger’s fine motor skills and the range of motion in his hands. Recently discharged in April 2017, Luis Garcia was excited to return home!

“Honestly, I never thought I would see the inside of my apartment again. If I ever need rehab again I know exactly where to go, and I would recommend Sinai for anyone who needs to recover from surgery or any ailment. I am so thankful that I chose Sinai Center for my recovery and rehabilitation. The Nurses and Aides were attentive to my many needs and even the food was good!”.

Meet Brian Bennett, Amputee Patient

Brian was admitted to Sinai Center in June of 2016 with a fracture to the left leg and above knee amputation to the right leg due to a motor vehicle accident.

With the help of Sinai’s specialized nurses and CNA’s, Brian learned how to manage for himself again, and once his left leg fracture healed and the swelling went down on his right leg, he was able to receive his prosthetic. In rehab, Mr. Bennett learned how to walk with his new prosthetic and was discharged home in January 2017 with continued therapy and home health aide services.

“Due to the loss of my leg, I went through a depression but the doctors and nurses at Sinai provided me with excellent care, kept me focused on my rehab, and motivated me to learn how to manage with my new prosthetic. Today, I am happy to go home – just six months after!”

Meet John Constable, Neurorehabilitation Patient

John was admitted to Sinai Center for skilled therapy and continued medical care due to an injury to his head and with loss of consciousness of unspecified duration.

Thanks to the clinical care provided by Sinai Center’s nursing staff, the daily care from the CNA’s, and the progress achieved with Sinai’s personalized skilled therapy program that included daily physical, occupational and speech therapy, John is now verbally responsive and able to manage mostly on his own, requiring only limited supervision and assistance with ADL’s and is independent with bed mobility and transfers.

“Even though I was alert when they admitted me at Sinai Center, I was disoriented, and required extensive assistance with all the activities of daily living, including basic things like bed mobility and transfers. Today, after the great care I received and the rehab I did at Sinai, I can go about daily living mostly on my own!”

Meet Andre Townsend, Subacute Rehab Patient

Andre, a 30 yr old Fairmont, NJ resident, works as a daily wage construction worker. He was shot twice in the stomach while exiting a local corner store one evening in December. Following major surgery that was only able to successfully remove one bullet, Andre was completely debilitated. Upon discharge, he transitioned to Sinai Center for aggressive therapy. Now a few months later, Andre walks around using a rollator, eats on his own while sitting in our dayroom, and is regaining his independence with self care. His girlfriend, who you can usually find at his side, is cheering him on.“I have made a lot of progress ever since I have been here. I am starting to feel like myself again.”

Meet Thomas Flaherty, Spinal Rehab Patient

Thomas, a 41-year old truck barrel loader, fell and tripped on a manhole cover while crossing the street. He injured his back and it took him 2 months with various diagnostic tests to find out he had a protruding disc in the lumbar spine. Unable to walk, roll over in bed or dress himself, he underwent major back surgery and was transferred to Sinai Center five days later.

With intensive physical and occupational therapies following the spinal rehab protocol, Thomas now walks everywhere using a rolling walker and is able to dress himself. He is gearing up to returning home to his loved ones and will continue therapy in an outpatient setting so he can get back to work.

“Before, I could not get out of bed, I felt helpless. Today, my therapist makes me laugh and keeps pushing me to go further each day. This has been a life changing experience. I love the E-stim my therapist provides, it eases the pain and lets me work harder towards my goals.”

Meet Donald Jones, Stroke Patient

Donald, a young, talented Chef in Jersey City, was admitted to Sinai Center in a vegetative state and only able to move his eyeballs after suffering 3 back to back strokes. Following months of intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy – Donald now gets dressed by himself, moves independently around in his wheelchair and is able to express ideas – and hold a real conversation! We welcome Donald’s fiancé who visits regularly, and take delight in seeing them, happy, eating their meals together. Donald, an active participant in his recovery, is proud of the enormous strides he’s made and looks forward to regaining his full independence.

Meet Abney Webb, Long Term Care Resident

Upon admission to Sinai Center with a host of complications and history of rheumatoid arthritis and gout, Abney was completely bed-bound and required a feeder. After two months of intensive skilled occupational and physical therapies, he is now alert, oriented, and walking on his own – only assisted by a walker, and able to feed himself. He continues to progress and is an extremely motivated participant in his treatment.

Abney was effusive in his praise of Sinai’s Therapy Department: “Firstly, I enjoy being in therapy … all the different types of exercises have helped me so much. Most of all, I enjoy all the help that the OT has given me – she is sincere with all my care.”